Jack & the Cat


Do you miss the 80’s arcade games? The ones that let you play in a single non scrolling screen full of platforms, struggling your way through all stages till the final one?


If you answered “yes”, then Jack & the Cat is tailored for you! Introducing a new old school arcade game to PC gamers, with classic gameplay and new mechanics that will make you wanna go through all stages on a single playthrough!introduction

Play from start to finish like you used to, with no saves and stage hubs to retry, just finish a stage to go to the next one! Jack & the Cat is a skill-testing platform game where you (or you and your friend) control 2 characters at the same time, Jack and his cat, where your goal is to get the cat to it’s favourite toy, the skeleton hanging on the farthest point of the platforms.


Poor kitty is black as the night and night is when this game takes place, so Jack can’t see her unless they are really close. Jack is accompanied by a firefly that carries the light needed for Jack to spot Cat. But the cat is afraid of Jack’s other pet so she is trying to hide under platforms, that’s why she is standing upside down! She is not that afraid of other insects though, so she has to try and catch them!features

  • Lead Jack where Cat is to shed light on her
  • When Cat is visible, try taking her to the skeleton
  • Cat can catch all other fireflies on the stage for points
  • Bonus items are hidden and scattered through stages , Jack reveals them, Cat must use them
  • Traps made of wooden spikes and wheels will make Cat’s trip through the stages difficult
  • 30 stages of fun and play (or maybe anger and frustration?)
  • Cartoonish visuals and sounds, suitable for all ages
  • Single player or co-operative gameplay on one single keyboard (gamepads to be supported)







Watch the trailer on Youtube

Jack & the Cat

Just Die Neon



Just Die Neon is an arcade platformer that will put your platform skills to the test!

After the cult following of the original Just Die, we listen to you and we give you improved visuals that will let you enjoy more of this game.

Inspired by classics like Mario Bros, Prince of Persia and Super Meat Boy, you will find it’s gameplay familiar and start playing in a second’s time.

Play alone or try co-op through 30 intense levels, filled with many traps, time limit and darkness.

Radicall movement with reverse gravity on your main character and a surprise light function on your secondary character! Play both so you can advance the levels!

Ask a friend to help you, one of you will guide the other’s way, no extra hardware needed, just your keyboard.

Time will challenge you to go faster, because score matters!

Old school cheats are in the game, will you find them?


W to jump
A for left
D for right
S to slide

Up arrow to jump
Left arrow for left
Right arrow for right
Down arrow to slide

You can find the game at Steam and itch.io


Watch the gameplay trailer on Youtube



Music by clearside



Mars Wars Episode 1


Mars Wars Episode 1 is a classic space top down shooter.

An epic sci-fi story to be concluded on 3 episodes.

Episode 1 will be a top down shooter.
Episode 2 will be a side scrolling shooter, maybe with some top down view areas with land vehicles on control.
Episode 3 will go on foot, Alien Syndrome style.

All episodes will get a free Play Store release and a deluxe HD widescreen version of the trilogy for a major Windows PC release.

The story:

“It’s the year 2167.
Humans established peace among each other and in order to secure their prosperity, they developed defensive weapons that can only be remotely controlled.
The elimination of war casualties as well as the advances on nanobiotic science, led to a massive increase of population.
Ethic groups forbidded the authorities on taking measures that will harm any human being, so the solution on the overpopulated planet of Earth was establishing colonies on planet Mars.
During the process of making Mars habitable, the LV427 space station was attacked by an unknown origins race of AI driven spaceships.
Thousands of small ships under command of motherships that draw power from an enormous structure called Dark Sun.
You are Captain Leo Blacksaf, a Peacemaker of the United Planets ‘UP’.
Your goal is to remotely pilot your advanced warfighter spaceship to the heart of the enemy , the Dark Sun and destroy it.
A.N.A. ‘Advanced Nanobiotic Assistant’, a sofisticated AI system, will direct you during your mission.
Good luck.”

This is the draft scenario of the game. It reveals that the spaceship we are controlling, is in fact an RC unmanned ship.

The gameplay:

Use the arrow keys to control the ship and hold space to shoot. All enemies are randomly created and recreated after destruction. After 200 enemy kills, the mothership uppears on screen.

Small enemies shoot small bullets, the mothership has 2 kinds of weapons: Large bullets and a death ray that occupies the width of the screen.

So far, there is only one weapon at your weaponry. It can be upgraded for a short time when you collect the bonus item. Holding the left mouse button will fire automatically.

Double click to elevate the ship and avoid bullets or enemies.

Please offer me your comments, reviews and ratings, tell us what you like or dislike on the game so you will help on the development. Follow the game so you will stay updated on news. Share the news with your friends, create a hype!

Watch Mars Wars Episode 1 first gameplay on Youtube

Download the demo from Gamejolt


All of the above refer to a very early Alpha version of the game(s). Anything can be a subject of change during development.


Would you like to have an oppinion on this game’s development? Become our patron at Patreon and you will be considered as a member of our team!


Flabee is an arcade game for Android smartphones, available at Google Play Store.

Help Flabee collect all pollen from the flowers!

A very fun, cartoonish game for all ages!

When you tap the screen, Flabee flies higher, so you can make it through the flight. Touch the flowers, they will grant you 50 points!

Avoid the cacti, they will hold you back! Stay away from spiders, they like eating little flabees!

When a honey jar appears, try landing on it, it will multiply your score!

Have fun and don’t forget to rate and review Flabee!

Download it now from Play Store

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